29 March 2011

for Dom . . . Chicken Sandwich

This is the random recipe me and Beatrice cooked  for Dom's challenge: Chicken Sandwich.
Very easy,  just some grilled chicken, curry, bread and tomato . . . fresh for spring!


  1. Perfection! Thanks for taking part! Oh I need to know the book!

  2. Manu I love this sandwhich look perfect!

  3. @ Dom the book is "picnic" by Isabel Brancq Lepage

    @ Gloria thanks! It seems strange but I've never cooked a chicken sandwich ;-)))

  4. LOLLL - i could reach through the screen and nibble at that right now.
    It looks so inviting.

    Weill settle for a coffee instead :(



  5. @ Maxine, come here, a good espresso and a good "panino" (Italian sandwich)are waiting for you! LOL

  6. @ PleaseDNFTA thanks foe visiting! You're welcome here!Love your blog! LOL

  7. The sandwich looks yummy. Great idea Beatrice.

  8. Ciao Manu, hai deciso di scrivere solo in English?

    ti auguro un buon fine settimana, barbara

  9. @ Susan Thanks! Beatrice had fun making this! Now she's almost 11 and she likes trying to cook!! I say "try" because she just cuts fruits, vegetables, mixes ingredients and of course uses her finger to taste ;-)))!!!

    @ Barbara no no, l'italiano non lo si abbandona!!! Il fatto è che già la foto parla da sola per la semplicità della ricetta qdi c'è poco da scrivere; inoltre è stata fatta per l'appunto qta ricetta per partecipare a una "sfida" di bloggers non italiani.
    Ecco il perchè dell'English!
    Buuon fine settimana anche a te


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