09 April 2011

Polvere di Tiramisù (Dust of Tiramisù) by Beatrice

Another recipe for Dom by Beatrice


500 gr mascarpone
5 uova
200 gr zucchero
caffè, latte e cacao

In una ciotola mescolare insieme lo zucchero e i tuorli d'uovo.
Agingere il mascarpone e le chiare d'uovo montate a neve.
Inzuppare i savoiardi con un caffè e latte e adagiarli in una pirofila; quindi versare la crema.
Fare più strati.
Con l'aiuto di un colino cospargere la superficie con il cacao.
Tenere in frigorifero fino al consumo

English Version

500 gr mascarpone
5 eggs
200 gr sugar
coffee, milk and coca

Beat yolks and sugar till creamy, add mascarpone.
Beat the whites till stiff and pour into che mixture.
Deep Savoiardi into coffee and milk, line a pan with them.
Pour the mixutre into pan tillcover savoiardi.
Make another layer.
Using a strainer spread some cocoa on the top.
Cover tiramisù with aliminium film and put in the fridge.


  1. Oh Beatrice (and Manu) this looks so stunning!!!! I love it, so good to get an authentic and very tasty looking Tiramisu recipe... thanks so much for taking part, I hope you had fun! xx... oh and I love the new look site and text x

  2. Dear Manu I love Tiramisu and this look amazing and delicious! Yummy! gloria

  3. Thanks Dom! This will be our dessert for tonight: pizza with friends and cold Tiramisù (outside it's 30°C . . . too many degrees for spring evening)
    She made it by herself, she's so proud!

    @ Gloria I love Tiramisù too! It's so a versatile recipe! You can sobstitute cocoa with dried coconut, coffee with milk . . .Have a nice week end!LOL

  4. Wow Beatrice, does this ever look delicious, I have made Tiramisu before but it never looks as delicious as yours. Do you prefer making desserts or meals better? When I was your age I made chicken livers for my dad every Saturday afternoon. My grandparents came from Italy when they were teenagers and my grandmother was a huge fan of chicken livers. We use to call them fidgichelli. Pardon my spelling I know that it is incorrect. Maybe you can tell me the correct spelling for my saute chicken livers.

  5. Oo, delicious! Tiramisu is very very popular in the U.S....and I personally love it too!

  6. @ Dear Susan thanks! I prefer making desserts! I think you mean "fegatelli", this word comes from "fegato" that means liver. Have a nice week end! Beatrice
    @Indie I think everybody loves it! LOL

  7. looks very nice! love the look of the site too!

  8. Manu, Beatrice is turning out to be quite the cook! This dessert looks delicious!

    Thank you for stopping by and commenting on my deviled eggs.

  9. @ Spontaneous Thanks for your comment! ♥
    @ Ocean, yes! I'm happy Beatrice is so keen on cooking. Sometime I have to help her but she wants to make all by herself! LOL

  10. Very lovely dessert. A nice and easy recipe!

  11. @ Zoe you should give it a go, it's so delicious!LOL

  12. Lovely, and without liqueur is perfect for children as well :-)


  13. ciao!!=) complimenti per il tuo bellissimo blog strapieno di buone ricette stupendamente fotografate!!=)
    da oggi ti seguirò con interesse, mi sono aggiunta ai tuoi sostenitori per non perderti di vista!!=)
    se ti va di passare da me bnel mio blogghino mi farebbe davvero moltissimo piacere!=)
    ancora complimenti a presto buona giornata vale

  14. @ Ale yes it's perfect for children too just some coffee and nothing else! LOL ♥
    @ Vale Grazie per essere passata da qui e per il dolce commento: sei la benvenuta.
    PS Ho fatto un giro sul tuo blog, molto carino!
    Un abbraccio ♥

  15. che meraviglia, complimenti!

  16. @ Marjlou Grazie! Buon fine settimana

  17. So lovely! This is one of my favorite desserts.

  18. This looks so smooth and beautiful! Tiramisu is such a special dessert! All I need is a small expresso and a plate of this and I'm in paradise

  19. @ Angela and Susan you're welcome here! I really appreciate your comments! Have a lovely day!

  20. Hi Beatrice. I found your blog through Dom's. I absolutely tiramisu. It is my all time favourite dish to eat at anytime. This tiramisu looks absolutely delicious!! Have a nice day. Michael.

  21. Hi Michael, thanks for visiting our blog! You're welcome here! We're happy you like tiramisù, it's a very easy recipe and very yummy!! LOL Bea & Manu (mum)


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