03 November 2011

Ho fatto i Macarons...I made Macarons

125 gr polvere di mandorle
3 bianchi d'uovo
210 gr zucchero a velo
30 gr zucchero semolato
colorante alimentare

125 gr almond powder
3 whites
210 gr icing sugar
30 gr sugar
edible colour


  1. congratulations!... you're very brave... how was it? I have always failed!

  2. Dom, thanks but I think it was a lucky break as I was always scared of making them...

  3. Well done Manu - they look wonderful.

  4. I made my very first macarons very recently, it only worked on the 4th try. Wasn't that a lot of fun? Can't wait to make them again :)

  5. @ BG Thanks! Have a great day
    @ Renata Making them it's not difficult but when you bake them you have to cross your fingers; btw I'm going to make them again!! LOL

  6. Complimenti! Voglio provarli anch'io! ciao

  7. @Emanuela ti consiglio di provarli, vale la pena!! Buona serata
    @Angelica, sono proprio buoni!!!Grazie mille cara

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