04 February 2012

About my lazy afternoon and the Carrot Cake

This is my Saturday lazy afternoon: 
Outside it's -3 °C, everything is white because of the snow and ice.
Inside Bebe has high temperature, so nothing to do, just looking after her and...baking this Carrot Cake for Dom and his Random Recipes 1st Bday

300 gr carrots
3 eggs
150 gr almonds
150 gr sugar
50 gr dried coconut
3 tsp baking powder
200 gr milk chocolate

Put carrots into a mixer and grind them.
Make the same with almonds and sugar.
Stir together carrots, almond and sugar, add backing powder.
Add eggs one at a time.
Backe at 160 °C per 10 minutes than 180°C for 40 minutes.
Heat a pan of water and simmer, put the chocolate into a metal bowl and place over the simmering pan of water.
When the chocolate is melted, use it to cover the cake.



  1. I love carrot cake! This looks delicious! Don't forget to cheer for the New England Patriots in the Super Bowl game! LOL!!!

  2. Oh man is there anything better to do with your afternoon than bake a wonderful cake like this!?!? Divine. Great recipe too and beautiful decoration. Thanks for taking part xx

  3. Che bella, sarà squisita, un abbraccio SILVIA

  4. Ma che bella torta!!! Dev'essere squisita e super morbida, con quella glassa poi...!! Complimenti cara! Un bacione.

  5. Complimenti per il tuo blog,fai delle ricette interessanti,belle pure come le presenti,ti ho conosciuta guardando la puntata di Cambio cuoco.Sarò una tua nuova follower,Imma...

  6. sorry, I forgot!... I put you in now!

  7. Oh I've never seen a carrot cake with chocolate icing...what a wonderful combination...oh and I love the little carrot decoration...
    Thanks for sharing,

  8. This is such a beautiful-looking cake, I adore carrot cake pretty much any time; I can fool myself then that it's actually healthy!

  9. Beautiful! Carrot cake is fantastic and this one looks delicious


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