25 February 2016

RAK...the end.

Dear Friends,
this has been the last RAK, I'm just a little sad as, for me, it has been a wonderful experience.
On one hand, I've found new friends, lovely person who, I hope, will read my blog also in  the future just to stay in touch; on the other, doing small act of kindness has filled my hear and my soul with happyness.
I really hope you've had fun and that this RAK experience left something in you, joy, love or any other good feeling.
This week my RAK concerns fennel seeds.
In office, me and my colleagues use to drink infusions; we make it at home and then we pour it into our thermos so it remains warm all day long.
I've been the pioneer as I really love infusions and I use a lot of raw ingredients instead of the commercial bags my colleagues buy.
One of them was curious about my ingredients so I've bought fennel sees and explained how to use.
I'm sure she appreciated my little gift, now I hope she'll enjoy it as well...


  1. lo pubblico oggi il mio rak di ieri, posso? :-)

  2. Ma certo che puoi! Un abbraccio

  3. Eccolooo

  4. Paola...che tenerezza.
    Grazie di aver partecipato.

  5. Hello, Manu! What a beautiful and delicious blog you have!
    The idea of RAKs and sharing them is wonderful and a really inspiring one. I try to make them, but wouldn't know if they are worth of a blog post. :)
    Have a lovely weekend! Ciao ciao!

  6. Such a kind gesture, Manu!! You are a gem :)

  7. The tea infusions sound really nice, Manu ... fennel must have a fresh and nice taste. I need to try this - It must give also many good vitamins and minerals as well. I will write my RAK post also soon - thank you for this encouraging challenge!

  8. Hi Manu. I walk with a cane at the moment and I just wanted to comment, in general, about all the kind people who offer me seats on the transit system or help me negotiate icy patches, etc. This week in particular several pwople did RAKS for me!
    Thank you fir hosting!

    1. Suza, hope youìll feel better soon.
      Thanks for your comments.
      Hope to hear from you again.

    2. "for" hosting, I should have written.

  9. Hola guapísima,

    Aquí otra que se va al trabajo cargada con su termo jajaja. Mis compañeros al principio lo veían raro pero ahora ya se han acostumbrado e incluso hay más de uno que de tanto en tanto me pide un vasito. Esas semillas las uso de vez en cuando porque para la barriga y los gases van muy bien y el sabor me gusta mucho, la verdad. Aunque lo que más uso es el limón, el tomillo y el jengibre que para la garganta al hablar todo el día me va muy bien.

    un beso y disfruta del día

    1. Felice di non essere l'unica!
      Si pure io faccio zenzero e limone...è delizioso!
      Un abbraccio e buona serata

  10. I love your RAK! When I work or go to my auctions, I love to bring little gifts and treats to give away. So fun! I'm sure your coworker will love learning about infusions and using the seeds!

    I'm so sorry I didn't participate in this last week! It was a crazy week for me and I just didn't get it done! Thank you so much for hosting...it was a lot of fun! Hope you do it again next year!

    1. Betsy, you're so lovey, I missed your RAK this week but I'm happy to read your comment!!
      I'll do my best to do it again next year!


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