20 May 2011

Cake Pops . . . without stick

Sbriciolare un po' di torta al cioccolato (anche biscotti se ne avete), mischiate con philadelphia e zucchero a velo.
Fate delle palline e metttele in frigo per 10 minuti.
Nel frattempo sciogliere il cioccolato a bagno maria e poi immergere le palline.
Decorare a piacere.
Lasciare in frigo fino al momento di servirle

Crumble some cookies or slices of chocolate cake, add philadelphia cheese and icing sugar.
Make some balls and put in the fridge.
In the meantime melt chocolate an than cover the pops.
Decorate as you like.
Let them in the fridge till serve.
This is a good way to use leftover cake!!


  1. Belle queste pops, e senza lo stecco non si ha il problema di cme tenerle in piedi ;) Brava Manu :D

  2. What could be easier. Thank you Manu for another keeper. My daughter will love these.

  3. I love these they are so pretty! Even without the sticks they work as great treats! Lovely x

  4. Easy and quick, lovely idea :-)


  5. @ Antonella Sì è vero senza stecchino sono molto più "easy"! buon fine settimana
    @ Annna Thanks! LOL
    @ Susan Thank you for always leaving lovely comments! LOL
    @ Dom, without stock they're easyer to make ;-) LOL
    @ Alessandra Thanks for your lovely comments! Have a nice w/end

  6. Manu, these are beautiful, and I agree with Dom, they make a lovely dessert even without the stick! I loved the way you decorated them, they'd look cute with "X" & "O" on them too! Have a great day!


  7. Oh Mary you're right! What a beautiful idea "X" and "O" . . .next time I'm going to decoorate cookies that way!! Have a nice day too LOL

  8. Sono carini e golosi! CIAO SILVIA

  9. I love to make treats like this. They look delicious and I love how you decorated them!

  10. @ Silvia grazie per il commento! Buona settimana
    @ Lisa thanks for stopping by; I really appreciate your comment. I really like your blog. Have a great week

  11. And very pretty they are too. I wouldn't mind being presented with a box of these.

  12. sono splendidi! complimenti!

  13. @ Zoe, Indie, Choclette Thanks a lot!! Have a great week! ♥

    @ Marjlou grazie mille cara! Buona settimana ♥

  14. Sono assolutamente perfetti!! Brava, buona giornata

  15. Grazie Agata! Un abbraccio ♥


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