04 December 2011

Barattolo di Natale (Christmas Jar)

M&Ms Biscotti

140 g farina
50 g zucchero
50 g zucchero di canna
60 g gocce di cioccolato
125 g M&Ms

Mettere il contenuto del barattolo in una ciotola e aggiungere 75 g burro e 1 uovo.
Mescolare e formare dei biscotti.
Cuocere a 180°C per 5/10 minuti

M&Ms Cookies

English Version
140 g flour
50 g sugar
50 g brown sugar
60 g chocolate chips
125 g M&Ms

Empty contents of jar into a larg bowl, add 75 g butter and 1 egg.
Make some cookies and bake at 180°C for 5/10 minutes


  1. Oh Manu, I will make a couple of jars and give then to my daughter to take back to college after Christmas. She shares an apartment with three other girls and the cookies will be a huge hit.

  2. What a great idea for a gift! I love these!

  3. @ Susan Thanks for telling me your experience!I do appreciate!Happy w/end
    @ Renata Thanks! LOL
    @ Raffy Benvenuta!!
    @ MissCB Thanks!!!LOL


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