20 February 2015

Second RAK

For this second RAK I have not a pic to post but just a story to tell.
On Wednesday my dughter Bea (from http://www.aboutbeatricef.blogspot.it/) and her friend Elisa spent the afternoon at home chatting and studying.
She lives far from us and when I arrived home after working at 17,30 I decided to take her home by car even if there was some traffic.
In this way she didn't have to take underground and bus; she was happy.
As for me I arrived home just a little late but satisfy for what I did even if it was just a small thing.


  1. I think that was very thoughtful...especially when you had just gotten home yourself and we're tired! Sometimes the best RAKs are small and don't cost a thing...they are just offering some time and some help!

    Thanks for joining in, Manu! This is so much fun getting to know you!

  2. A nice RAK to do, Manu . . . . very kind to make the journey home more comfortable for her . . . :)

  3. Sometimes it's the smaller things that we do, that are appreciated the most. This is a great RAK.
    Hope your day is wonderful...

  4. I don't think that was a SMALL act of kindness.... I would consider that a selfless act of kindness. Good job, Manu

  5. I'm sure she really appreciated your act of kindness.

  6. A RAK is always a big thing, no matter how small.

  7. Lovely RAK's Manu! You are a sweetie! xo

  8. Pues un precioso acto que son las cosas que mas valen en la vida. Mil besicos cielo


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