03 November 2015

Infuso di Finocchio -Fennel Tea-

2 cucchiaini di semi di finocchio
500 ml acqua bollente
1 cucchiaino di miele

Mettere i semi di finocchio in acqua bollente e lasciare bollire a fuoco lento per 10 minuti. Aggiungere un cucchiaio di miele per zuccherare.

English Version
2 tsp fennel seeds
500 ml hot water
1 tsp honey

Put the fennel seeds into boiling water and boil for 10 minutes.
Add a teaspoon of honey.


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Stacey from Poofing the Pillows
Jemma from At Home With Jemma
Laura at White Spray Pain


  1. This sounds delightful! I would imagine the fennel to have a licorice type flavor which would be lovely. I must give this a try!

  2. Good morning! I'm smiling because when I first saw the recipe, I had no idea what it was. Then the handy translator kicked in and I can see it's tea. I've never had fennel tea. Would you drink this just for pleasure or for another purpose?

    Thank you so much for joining Thoughts of Home on Thursday. We love having an Italian friend in our midst. Makes us feel very worldly. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Good Morning,
    What a beautiful photo, such a pleasure to wake up to a new recipe and a visit from a lovely Italian friend.
    Thank you so much for joining in on Thoughts Of Home On Thursday and sharing your talents, time and inspiration with us.

  4. What a warm, soothing beverage! Thank you ever so much for linking up at Thoughts of Home on Thursday. Your presence adds such a ray of sunshine!


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